Suraj Mohanty Kumar, a passionate photography enthusiast, recently embarked on a journey of learning by participating in photography classes at the prestigious PIWF Institute, during a Fujifilm workshop. Driven by his love for capturing moments through the lens, Suraj seized the opportunity to delve deeper into the art and technique of photography, particularly with Fujifilm cameras known for their remarkable image quality and innovative features. Throughout the workshop, Suraj immersed himself in a world of creativity and technical mastery, guided by experienced instructors and fellow photography enthusiasts. He eagerly explored the capabilities of Fujifilm cameras, learning about various shooting modes, lens options, and post-processing techniques to enhance his photography skills. Engaging in hands-on exercises and interactive discussions, Suraj gained invaluable insights into composition, lighting, and storytelling, laying a solid foundation for his photographic journey. Inspired by the collaborative learning environment at PIWF Institute, Suraj emerged from the workshop with newfound confidence and a renewed passion for photography. Armed with a deeper understanding of Fujifilm technology and a wealth of practical knowledge, he looks forward to applying his skills to capture moments that inspire and evoke emotion, continuing his pursuit of excellence in the art of photography.


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