Mayuresh Sinha, a distinguished expert in Nikon photography, is currently leading a series of workshops at the esteemed PIWF Institute. With a profound understanding of Nikon equipment and techniques, Mayuresh offers invaluable guidance to workshop attendees seeking to refine their skills. Through these workshops, participants have the privilege of learning directly from Mayuresh as he shares his wealth of knowledge on camera settings, composition, and lighting techniques. With a focus on hands-on learning, Mayuresh empowers students to unleash their creative potential and develop their unique photographic style. Whether beginners or experienced photographers, attendees benefit from Mayuresh’s expertise, gaining practical skills and confidence in their abilities. As Mayuresh continues to inspire and educate through these workshops, participants at the PIWF Institute are equipped to elevate their photography to new heights, guided by the wisdom of a true Nikon photography specialist.

Designation : NIKON

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