Soraj Dora, a distinguished specialist in Sony photography, recently found himself amidst the bustling atmosphere of a Nikon workshop at the renowned PIWF Institute. Despite his specialization lying with Sony cameras, Soraj’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and his commitment to mastering his craft led him to seize the opportunity to broaden his horizons. As he immersed himself in the workshop’s activities, Soraj brought with him a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective, enriching the learning experience for himself and his fellow participants. Throughout the workshop, Soraj eagerly absorbed the nuances of Nikon photography, from understanding the intricacies of different camera models to mastering composition techniques tailored to Nikon equipment. His presence served as a testament to the inclusive and collaborative spirit of the PIWF Institute, where photographers of all backgrounds come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another. Soraj’s participation in the Nikon workshop not only showcased his dedication to continuous learning but also underscored the universal language of photography that transcends brand affiliations. As he walked away from the workshop with newfound insights and a deeper appreciation for Nikon photography, Soraj remained ever-committed to pushing the boundaries of his creativity and expertise, armed with a versatile skill set that extends across multiple camera platforms.

Designation : SONY MENTOR

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